Anastasia N. Margeti, Two poems in English translation


All things dream-like,
in a tableau vivant.

And Adam bends
above Eve
to touch her
– once again –
to savor her apple
– once again
the knowledge
of good and evil.

On her part
beyond the curse,
she claims
for herself
the breath on the lips
of the earthen statue.

The cloudy scene
of a common fantasy
in collapse.

Then the snakes encircled us.


Memories in Relief

Landscapes of expectations
by holocausts
of instincts
and pathos.

The phosphorescence
of potentials
into the abyss.

In the sky
clouds of loneliness
and tears.

Ethereal tombs in relief
the Museum atriums.

*Translated by Robert Crist and Despina Lala Crist

**The poems in their original Greek version have been published here:

***Από τη συλλογή “Τρίτοι από της Αληθείας”, ΑΩ Εκδόσεις, 2015.

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