Alex Antonopoulos, Tattoos

He tells the stories behind his tattoos

and when the stories end,

he touches her tattoo
he asks to hear her stories.

She smiles with every touch

but when the question comes,

she holds him in her arms

(he remembers his mother’s hug)

she lulls him back to sleep.

Later on, during the night

she will be cold.

She will ask for his clothes – he will give them to her.

But later on, during that night

she will again be cold.

And no hug or flame will keep her warm
and he will rip his flesh to save her.

The bones, naked, will break of shame

the heart will explode with anger.

She has now sewn his skin on her skin.

His tattoos have met hers;

creating new tattoos as inks combine.

The new tattoos lull her to sleep.

She won’t be needing the blanket tonight.

*For more works by Alex Antonopoulos, please visit:

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