Argyris Chionis, Two poems in English



If you can’t sing then speak
If you don’t like talking then laugh or smile
or do something with your face move
your lips or eyelids however slightly
knit your brows frown
Manifest thought, show you are alive
Just show something, extend your finger and point
it doesn’t matter what at, just point

If you remain like this, then you’re in trouble
They’ll transfer you to the attic
along with other furniture, other embalmed animals




One foot follows the other
One is the hunter
the other the hunted

Then the other follows suit
and becomes the hunter
while the other is the hunted

They cover great distances this way
Until they get tired
They stand together side by side
imprisoned both in their fatigue

The first that moves again is the hunted
the other the hunter

*From the collection “In front of the mirror as a blind” (1986).

**Taken from

***Artwork: Niki Karagatsi.

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