This is to inform you
that the latest issue of UNUSUAL WORK No33
has just been released. But due to the pandemic
and the continued uncertainty of LIVE launches
we have decided NOT to launch this issue
at a LIVE gig. In lieu of your (and Our) OBVIOUS
disappointment, we have decided to include
a BONUS free CD in each copy, by way of
compensating our audiences and readers.
The contributors featured in this issue are
retta hemensley, jas h duke, ian mcbryde, vicki perin,
arjun von caemmerer, kevin gillam, lauren williams,
jeltje, anitra nelson, patrick boyle, ender başkan,
t h a l i a, ashley higgs, peter murphy, sjaak de jong,
allan padgett, ACR, les wicks, eddie caruso,
sandy caldow, and TT.O. Special thanxxs Alan Musgrove
The CD includes: jas h duke, tim gaze, jeltje,
sjaak de jong, graham twist, rob george, robert calvert,
harry williamson, arjun von caemmerer, TT.O.
ashley higgs, peter murphy, sandy caldow,
lauren lee williams, ashley higgs, sean o’callaghan
and keiju nakajima. — Subscribers and
Contributors should have gotten their copies
in the mail by now (hope!) for those who would
like to subscribe oit is $30 for 3 issues
cash / cheque / or Money Order, to
P.O. Box 2430 GPO Melb Vic 3001
or else you can order a single copy
with the bonus CD for $10. Contributors welcome

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