Maria Panoutsou, I am Dorian Gray   

“You will always be fond of me.
I represent to you all the sins you never
had the courage to commit.”

― Oscar Wilde,

Dedicated to Θεόδωρος Μπασιάκος

I am Dorian Gray, nothing can stop me
Until, one day,
I found my love inside a box of chocolate
«Open the box» the box shouts to me.
I thought I was clever enough
and I laugh on him.
So the box opens by himself and
from inside, a prince appear.
«What can I do for you Dear prince»
I said.
He replies with a joyful glance to me.
And then he touches my breast,
and I become red of shy.
I loved him at once.
And take his hands.
We were happy but one night,
my love finds me dead under the bed.
And he took me out near the sea,
where he gave me a one and two and three, times
the kiss of life, and a cup of tea
I am Dorian Gray and no one will stop me.
Only my love, who knows how to kiss
and how to make the tea.
He is my man and I am Dorian Gray.

*Από τη συλλογή “Αφιερωμένα”.

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