Kalliope X – One month to launch – November 17

We don’t sing to distinguish ourselves, my brother, from other people./ We sing to bring the people together.’
Yiannis Ritsos

Kalliope X consists of Effie Carr, Angela Costi, Hariklia Heristanidis, Dmetri Kakmi, George Mouratidis and Dimitris Troaditis.

We are a collective of authors and poets energised by the work of culturally and linguistically diverse artists in Australia.

We challenge the dominant literary imaginary by building a forum through which we can encourage, engage and exchange with writers of different diasporas and communities.

Through poetry, fiction, reviews, interviews, essays and criticism, and an openness to languages other than English, we aim to show what Australia looks, sounds and reads like.

We acknowledge the first poets and storytellers of this country, and recognise our own implication as migrants and children of migrants in the legacy of the colonisation of First Nations peoples.

It’s a privilege to live on Aboriginal lands.

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