Swamped, a novel by Manolis Aligizakis


“What do you think of that, sweet Rebecca?” he asked and couldn’t help adding, “Come give me something, now that I want it.” He leaned closer to her, gazing deep in her eyes.

Rebecca smiled back. “I’ll give you something you won’t forget … but not here,” she laughed, her promiscuous lips playing with his eyes, her easy laughter exciting him. Reaching under the table he placed a hand between her legs and squeezed before saying, “I could do the same to you right now, my love.”

Rebecca trembled slightly as she reverted to business for a moment. “I’ll start the registration process tomorrow and think of a couple more names for you too. When I have an approval on the name, we’ll do the rest of the papers.”

They had almost finished their meals by now, and the wine was almost done as well. Rebecca was ready for other…

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