Dimitra Kouvata, Two poems in English

After the peasants’ manner

Cut a slice of bread
After the peasants’ manner
With the bread resting by the chest.
Broke it into pieces and divided it.
one for battered children
one for unfulfilled dreams
one for you
that you been everything.
Peeled also the wine off.
So get food and drink.
The stray dogs
Licked their muzzles



It rained again tonight.
The garden was full of snails.
They climb on the thread their mucus.
They are immersed in what I have wisely hidden.
They know them well
especially those who observe
those seemingly helpless
and those who served
in a Sisyphus effort
to climb on vertical surfaces.
even dizzy
all their stocks
without any climbing training.
No reason for special outfit.

*From the collection “Σκυλί δεμένο”, Mandragoras Editions, 2017.
** Translation from Greek: Dimitris Troaditis.

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