Edward Reilly, Two poems

Artwork: Martin Lewis

You walked past  

You walked past me like someone else 

whose eyes had glittered in starlight. 

Autumn. Street vendors selling hot drinks, 

as we discussed the virtues of France. 

So it was, and as if that wasn’t enough, 

the deities were all willing to mock me. 

So I thought, but found myself unburdened, 

for the next night you walked by, and paused. 


Your cousin 

This boy’s running out of time. 

His mother’s looking for him, 

And the sisters too, calling –  

It’s time to meet your cousin! 

He’s hiding behind the garage, 

Gone out for a quiet smoke, 

And the Aunts are calling –  

Come and meet your cousin! 

O the cousin from Thessaloniki, 

Her doe eyes would melt ice, 

And then his father says quietly – 

It’s time to greet your cousin!

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