Katerina Anghelaki Rooke, Three Poems About Sorrow


The spider and my life 

but an erotic summary 

sorrow of the leaf 

small organism of nothing. 

In each of my corners 

a trapped lion 

a desperate ant 

an extreme shadow of light 

and I’m even grayer 

than yesterday.

I sweeten time 

with a childish Heaven 

till the day 

one day

that I’ll find courage 

in death.


My time is 

a waste of time 

in nature.

I don’t become younger 

I don’t age 

nothing of my heart 

touches the stars.


People who age resemble stones 

less sculptured

more and more of faded color. 

Passing among them 

I get emotional as long as 

I can help finish my day.

I pass, I hardly touch anything; 

only the birds get startled 

by the movement and 

fly away to the blue.

I live compassionately 

dreams give me shivers 

I feel numb.

And all my plans

turn into reality

what little choice I have

when I think of all

the shapes spring takes

all the possibilities of my birth

such little imagination!

*Από το βιβλίο Katerina Anghelaki Rooke, Selecte Poems, Libros Libertad/Ekstasis Edition, 2019. Translation: Manolis Aligizakis.

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