Yiannis Livadas, Two poems


When I write I set time in its place.

If you see me fall asleep jog me
With your whole soul.
But now into the foreword
Of this marvelous luck
I linger to a
Phenomenal and accountable patent.

Life’s identical
Nape reversed;
Above most
The halo as it wanes
Over the pores of a raging
Sky-high embrace.

The known and unknown things
Between being alive
Or dead;
You live both undivided.

Time makes poetry superior than time:
Poetry proves life superior than itself.

Devil’s horn.
There is a muck that discovers you.

I’ll seeing you.



Let the forms be ignored. Whatever they may be.

Currently during sorpe
unconscious override
a ceasing vibration of a scene
while time
accepting the figurehead of my existence
speculates on the vaudeville of poetry.

The misconceptions that leave you staggered;
extend me.

Do not take so personally
the pointless affliction
of the miserable silence
the massive night.

This morning the uneven Malebranche Street
leads to that; for which you could kill me
in order to describe it.
I’ll be seeing you.

*From the collection “My Bones In The Soup Of My Grave”, Ragged Lion Press 2019.

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