Anastasia N. Margeti, Three poems from “The Third from Truth”

Translated by Robert Crist and Despina Lala Crist

Maternal Entelechy*

Breath into the somatic inertness
of matter,
Your gaze
brings to light obscure factors
defining potentiality.

forms of statues
Your gaze
inside me
with gentle motions.

Artfully it carves
imprints of the good
on the vibrant ground of my silence
Your gaze
with feeling touches.

The goal of power
Your gaze
with the umbilical cord as thread
to roam
in your darkness and light,
glorifying your labors
now and evermore.

Your gaze
shall dawn
the sunset
of my own.

*Entelechy (Maternal Entelechy).The term introduced by Aristotle which signifies the transition from the sphere of the potential to that of the actual. In human experience and art, the concrete forms of actualized or lived beauty or truth manifest the purpose (potential) of their origin.


The Republic

Whatever you fear
you judge
and you condemn it
to death.

Take heed!
The way you behave
you become
an absolute monarch.

And thereby
your life
on your own justice.



In the long nights
infernal fears overwhelm her
in chambers with phantom shadows
as she hopelessly seeks
through memory
to preserve in that lonely
fading moment
the integral form of her face.

In the winter
she listens in darkness
to time ageing,
held by the caress of words,
caught in the rhythm of lines,
hidden in word-forms,
the ideal geometry.

At dawn
in that dim twilight
she meets her other self
that selects the aristocracy of hope,
the luxury of spring
that delights
in the illumination of hues
and awaits summer aromas.

Thus you see her
always thoughtful,
set judgments distant,
with the serenity of grace
awaiting in cycles
the appearances of sense,

the darkness of bright rays
the dark touched by light.

*Epochs: Epoch signifies reservations or doubt and constitutes a basic concept of the philosophy of Scepticism according to which we cannot speak with certainty about things, because knowledge that is derived either from the senses or the mind is faulty, and we can only view appearances (phenomena). Moreover, regarding every question there are two antithetical but equally valid responses. The goal of the Sceptics was the development of calmness, spiritual serenity, which will come about when one accepts the unattainability of truth. In the poem the title signifies both seasons and doubt.The three final lines in the source and translation embody the idea of the equal validity of responses, together with the morphology of an equal number of words.

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