Anastasia N. Margeti, Four poems

Stavros Messinis, From the Abstractions Series

Zeus Dialogue

It plunged from the border
of the senses.

Gypaetus barbatos or golden eagle
I had no time to see.
Its claws
sank in my back,

I bled the antithesis.
Its beak tough,
deep in the canyons of the mind
it screeched to my feelings.

With the clasp of its feathers
it warmly composed me.
I surrendered to the synthesis.
I felt its heart-ache
which, like a lightning bolt,
everyone shuns.

Then it vanished.
Thus it is
with species
threatened by extinction.


Poetic Ethics

…for where we are free to act
we are also free to refrain from acting,
and where we are able to say No
we are also able to say Yes.
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

It aged upon her,
the role’s

she sheds it
in silence.

All of her
her naked image
in the mirror.

Shadows of night
listen secretly
to mid-life hopes,
curves of air
and sadness
hollows of anger
at the edge of touch.

she again tightly dons
the same past.
And turns her gaze
on the unspoken.



We can control our actions
from beginning to end,
and we are conscious of them at each stage. . . .
Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics

It aged upon her,
the role’s

Awkward her truths,
they wring her neck.
Her extremities
tear the seams.
And the hours become impassable.

she is clad
in silence.

She adheres
to the present tense
of possibilities.

Into her knapsack she tosses
the bold colors
and syllables
of revolt.

Then she departs hastily
dressed as a rebel.

So that her presence
shall not remain


Urns of Concepts*

float in darkness
when the surge of love
–illicitly you would think –
glimmers in the Erebus of the mind
and with bold synapses
breathes life,
flesh and blood,
into the pulp of clay.

All the while
are aligned
in legions
the white
memorial urns.

*White urns (Urns of Concepts): burial urns decorated with scenes that represent the dead, their tombs, or scenes from the underworld.

**From the collection “Third from Truth”. Translated by Robert Crist and Despina Lala Crist.

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