Anastasia N. Margeti, Symplegades

fear and rage
your ships sank.
Then there was only the ocean floor.
Mirror of the world,
the sea.
Light, a reflection.

you find yourself
the third from Τruth.

Symplegades: In Homer the Symplegades or Clashing Rocks are a pair of rocks that pound and crush the voyager passing between them. They were defeated by Jason and the Argonauts. Homer’s rocks are analogous to the pair of islands at the conjunction of the Black Sea and the Bosporus.

The third from Truth: Plato maintains that the world, as it is perceived through the senses, constitutes an image, a phantom, an idol, or reflection of the true beings, which are actually the ideas. The poet – and generally speaking all artists – functions as an imitator , copying things perceived by senses, which are the images of the ideas. Thus, the poet, “the third from truth,” creates misleading conceptions of the nature of the cosmos. Furthermore, works of art, with their emotional content, arouse the passions and feelings, misleading the individual (or the citizen). Consequently, the poet cannot be considered a valid conveyor of truth, knowledge, or science; and thus his is exiled from Plato’s republic. As Plato maintains, philosophy is the only path that through logic can point toward the truth and progress toward valid knowledge. Thus, philosophy can lead citizens to the exercise of virtue in the city.

*Translated by Robert Crist and Despina Lala Crist.


του Βασίλη Κύρκου

φόβου και θυμού
ναυάγησαν τα πλοία σου.
Ύστερα μόνο ο βυθός.
καθρέφτης του κόσμου
η θάλασσα.
Το φως μια αντανάκλαση.

τρίτος από της αληθείας.

*Από τη συλλογή “Τρίτοι από της Αληθείας”, ΑΩ εκδόσεις, Νοέμβριος 2015.

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