Erma Vassiliou, Two poems


Love from a full cup of rainbows
ribbons tying the ties of rivers
love that brings your imagined caresses
all is a dream, I get the tricky fires of mind,
as the light is fading in the afternoon
my eyes are ready for the drums
and the murmurs of ferns
love is when you know the dream
and receive its blessings…
love has never fooled me
we will one day compare our destiny
with that of blue lagoons
and feel the drum beat
as close as breath can be


A few tears…

And if I shed them, the big sea
will terminate their cause
and if I keep them
the thirsty earth will snatch them before autumn
a few tears, a very few tears
kept in a well-quenched open shell
are left as an ointment of purity
next to the oil-lamp
of unheard words…
as love becomes a martyrdom
a hunger striker of a search
will only die before the body leaves
in a few words
the bells of flowers of a bloomer heart
will ring for my beautiful
to return

*From Parfait d’ amour, ERMA VASSILIOU, 2018

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