Jeltje Fanoy, launch of “Flying into the hands of strangers”

As part of the Melbourne Spoken Word and Poetry Festival (,
I hope you can join collective effort press/ftloose on

Friday, May 18 from 6-8.30pm

for the launch of my new collection Flying into the hands of strangers

at the iconic Collective Works Bookshop (1st Floor, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St.)…

with highlights from the book and intriguing guest performances by Anna Fern, Peter Murphy and Sjaak de Jong. The book (plus CD by jeltje + friends) will be introduced by John Hawke. MC: Loran Steinberg

Les Wicks wrote: “Words running across the keys” characterises the collection – energy, fascination, belief.

Anna Couani wrote: Forceful, unpredictable and playful, truly Australian, referencing the post war migrant experience, connecting to current asylum seeker policy and what it is to live in Melbourne today

Ali Alizadeh wrote: Melbourne and its windy skies, its beaches and its homeless, are the backdrop and also participants in Jeltje Fanoy’s interrogations of her life and memories as an immigrant and an artist. The poems are sharp and experimental, but also gentle and accessible.

Claire Gaskin wrote: Poetry that is never separate from a consciousness of language and sound, as utterance, as brought forward by the breath, by the sensate body. This, along with the mastery in lineation, lends a timelessness and tenderness to the political statement.

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