Argiris Chionis: The joy of knowledge

Πλανόδιον - Ιστορίες Μπονζάι




Argiris Chionis

The joy of knowledge

01-W-Century_Mag_Illuminated_W_BarbizonHEN THE FIRST PUZZLEMENT went away, he tried to understand what was happening. Despite the biting, intolerable pain he felt in the middle of his back, he strived to turn his head to see what that ferocious vice that was cutting his body in two was.

He kept losing and regaining his senses and kept trying, until eventually he stopped and remained still looking that strangely woven wire in front of him and that piece of cheese he so desired a while ago but now was looking at it indifferently and considered it distant.

       Time was passing and the vice was penetrating even deeper into his body, as his flesh and bones were surrendering slowly to its tight grip. He felt his entrails sticking together and he had the taste of vomit and blood in his mouth.

       He was losing…

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