Hear me Out


Hear Me Out_cover_Jun9.indd

Starting From the End

My love,

Once again I stayed awake all night thinking of you.
I cried that you weren’t next to me in bed then I got angry
with you, with me with the others as if it was their fault for our
situation. That we took separate ways each on their own or with
separate others; that we finally couldn’t manage it.
I don’t believe it. I refuse to accept it.
Although from another point of view it was I who drove things
that way, I who took the final decision, I who asked you to leave.
And now I spend my night before the window searching the
street with my eyes waiting to see you pass in front of the house,
come inside ring the bell and tell me you can’t live without me
and I desperately fall in your arms.
Three months have already gone…

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