This is to inform you 

that there will NOT be a launch of the latest issue of 


No.30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! out now 

due to COVID concerns, sorry 

we hope to have one for the next issue out later this year 

when we hope to celebrate our 31st longevity 

this is an extremely sad state of affairs 

but feel it was felt not worth the risk 

in this potential BOOM / BUST, ON / OFF climate 

As a SUBSCRIBER you should have by now 

received your copy in the mail. 

For those who have not subscribed 

copies are available from 

“collective effort press” 

p.o. box 2430 gpo melb vic 3001 

cash / cheque / or money order 

for $10, or a subscription for $30 (3 issues) 

we come out twice a year 

this is SLOW POETRY (no apologies) 

once again thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs for 

the support, and understanding (in advance) 

Stay safe – an often!!! 

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